Best CCTV Camera Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE

Best CCTV Camera Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE

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cctv camera dubai

services support provided within abu dhabi sharjah uae for all your Indoor, Outdoor, Home and Office related requirements, we provide cost effective CCTV Maintenance ..

Cost Effective Security Services in UAE

Cost Effective Security Services in UAE

The current range of DVR's that we now stock enable the user to view the premises from a remote computer or mobile phone that can prove invaluable to some clients.

cctv-access-smartphoneBest CCTV systems for your requirements
We at SICT pride ourselves in recognising and delivering the correct CCTV solutions to fit all our customers needs.  With closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance systems from SICT Company, you can monitor various areas of your property to protect against theft, vandalism, and other crimes. You can even observe real-time activity while away from your property using our security cameras. We help businesses and homeowners in Dubai, Sharjah, and throughout the UAE region utilize video surveillance to maximize safety and peace of mind.

For more information on CCTV security cameras dubai IP Surveillance Systems DVR NVR HVR Lens WDR HD PTZ Mobile Access Control Time Attendance, contact Shazeb ICT today on 04-3510481.

      Benefits of CCTV Security Cameras for Business Owners        Benefits of CCTV Security for Home Owners
  • Security cameras help businesses enhance workplace safety while protecting assets from various security threats.
  • Protect employees, customers, and property
  • Reduce or resolve losses caused by theft or other criminal acts
  • Reduce or resolve vandalism or other criminal acts
  • Limit liability due to false accident claims
  • Monitor security of facilities while away
  • Monitor staff productivity
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Security cameras provide the ultimate in safety for your family and home.
  • Protect family, visitors, and property
  • Reduce or resolve vandalism or other criminal acts
  • Monitor security of home or vacation properties while away
Box type-4Box Cameras
Range of surveillance cameras for outdoor security systems- Day/ Night CS Mount security camera and Wide dynamic range cameras.
IR DomeIR Day & Night Vision
Range of surveillance cameras for day/night security systems. The Range includes IR Camera with night vision, vandal proof IR Dome security cameras. IR LED range varies according to various surveillance system applications.

What makes a good images in CCTV ?

Following factors determine the quality of images in CCTV systems- Proper selection of good quality lens, Lighting Conditions, Resolution and Quality of camera, Placement of camera, Video compression technology


Guide for choosing the CCTV system



Feature to look for in Surveillance systems

User friendly operation, High resolution & Good quality images, High compression ratio to save hard drive space and band width, Power efficient to save running cost, Easy recording, search and back up, Pre Sales & After Sales Support, Current Dated Technology, Our product- CCTV System


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Feature to look for in CCTV CAMERA DVRS NVRS HVRS

DVR is abbreviation of Digital Video Recorders, Digital image data is compressed and stored in Hard Drive, There are several types of DVR- PC based DVR, Industrial Computer Based DVR, Networked DVR, IP Based Camera and web server


Your Surveillance and its eye: the Lens

Your Surveillance and its eye: the Lens


Types of CCTV Home and Business High Definition Surveillance Systems Dubai | The Security Academy

When it comes to surveillance system of a house, the biggest challenge is to decide on which type of camera to opt for. You may go for an Analogue based security camera system, or an IP based home camera system by evaluating their pros and cons which we discussed in one of our previous posts. But to choose a type of camera is still a big question :-

Dome, Box or Bullet, Pin Hole or Covert Cameras


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