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  • We are specialists in website development. We have more than a decade of experience in website design in Dubai. We will increase the quality and volume of traffic to your website. Make your business grow in Dubai and across the UAE. 
  • We have been in the market for 12+ years and know how search engine algorithms function. What real visitors could seek We offer website design and e-commerce portal design within your budget. As per your needs and requirements for your firm.
  • We do logos, brochures, and printing-related services in the UAE. We are user-friendly and cost-effective in all services we deliver. Contact us for a better tomorrow.

Why trust SICT?

  • We have delivered highest quality services at the best price for more than 12 years.
  • Developed more than 100 websites in Dubai and across the Middle East.
  • Affordable and quick web solutions as per your needs. 
  • 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver the best.
  • Certified developers with over 10 years of experience.


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Professional Web-site Designing Services

Let’s Discover the Benefits of Having a Good Website

Benefits of having a website

Online presence

online p

  • Customers may find you online 24 hours a day. If you have a website. After business hours, your website will be attracting and retaining new customers. Online presence gives customer a trust from us.

Information exchange

info exchange

  • A Website will allow buyers and sellers to exchange information. In a short time and without any difficulties. Any person in the world can see your products online. And can check the details in less time.

Market expansion

market expansions

  • It is not simpler to break down geographic restrictions. In the absence of a website. Anyone, from any country, can find your business. And can do business with you. You can expand your business with free of cost.



  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other paid ads, with well-executed UX design, allow you to reach out to clients with more accuracy. You can understand your customers' needs. And bring you more quality leads for your business.

Website development company

  • SICT is one of the leading web design companies in Dubai, partnered with a reputable website development company in Dubai. Delivering website design and development services at the best prices, we focus on results for your business growth in a short period of time. We are a leading web design company in Dubai with professional web design developers with 10 years in the field, ensuring excellence in graphic design and development all in one place.
  • Offering our services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE, SICT specializes in leading web design and website development tailored to enhance the online presence of your business. As a web design agency in Dubai, our team ensures that your website is not only visually appealing but also effectively caters to the specific needs of your target audience. After gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements, we prioritize the importance of reaching your target audience for sustained and future potential growth. Contact us for flawless services in web design in Dubai and let SICT, a premier web design agency in Dubai, elevate your online presence to new heights.


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Why do most websites not perform well?

  • A trustworthy website has a number of features that give it a professional appearance.The website's design and presentation must adhere to a certain style guide. 
  • An e-commerce website's product and checkout page designs should be trustworthy.It should be convincing for our customer to buy the product.
  • Many websites fail to recognize that the design and content of the site must be in the readers' interests. Designing as per customer choice comes from experience. 
  • Our web design team conducts an extensive research on the potential visitors. And competitors of your website hosting to make sure it caters to the right audience. 
  • A perfect functional website may have several underlying drawbacks. Such as slow page performance and security flaws. 
  • Our skilled developers stick to a development method. That ensures these difficulties won't enter your e-commerce website.

Designs that work

We are the finest web development company in Dubai, specializing in top-notch web development services including search engine optimization. We recognize that a great web design has aims other than being showcasing for others. The web design service for a company must be effective. Our designs include powerful call-to-action elements aimed at increasing conversions. In addition, we use strong analytic techniques to gather more information and insights to enhance the performance of your website, including search engine optimization strategies. Our designs provide mobile-friendly experiences, prioritizing functionality alongside visual appeal. We are the best website development agency for real estate companies in Dubai, offering a comprehensive suite of web development services. Our products and services are of the highest quality and are priced reasonably, ensuring you get exceptional value for your investment. For more details on result-driven websites, kindly contact us.

What makes us unique?


Responsive web design is required to help the SEO serve its purpose. Beautiful and modern design that stands out. Increase your sales with a well-planned user experience. Using keywords throughout the body and in the headlines. Distributing the content across various social media platforms. From website content, a blog describing the products and services. Maintaining a consistent blog posts and social media posts.


visuals infoDesign and content will boost up your information in the articles. Information and high quality visual results in dull content. Which can be as simple as appealing visuals such as infographics. Creating photograph content can help in increasing web traffic. Because it is shorter and easier to understand, and more appealing. More than articles and blog. Users prefer using smart-phones and tablets than desktop computers. Adapts to all screen size and resolution is bad for the website.

Infinite scrolling

infinite srolling img

  • One-page information with infinite scrolling.
  • The appearance is clean, best ui design.
  • Accurate information.
  • Readable in any device.
  • Easy to find information.
  • Less Load time 
  • Simple to use.


analyse info

Tracking web visitors with an analytics tool. This helps you to improve the website. Google Analytics offers customized solution for website performance. It is essential to use time and resources in order to gain business. A website ability to generate good business is in the hand's of creativity. So it must be with perfection. Inspiration is an important part of the creative process in web design. It's important to understand what's possible to save time.

Our easy 4-step process

Information gathering

planning & design

development & delivery

support & maintenance

Our core web design service

Corporate web design 

We're a web design company in Dubai that creates awesome websites for businesses. Think of your website like a fantastic book – it should be fun for people to read and easy to use.

A great website can attract investors, engage customers, and even bring in new team members. We specialize in making websites look good and work well. We also help your website show up when people search online, so more customers can find you. If you want a super cool website for your business, we're the team for the job!


E-commerce web design

Business is changing because of e-commerce, where people buy and sell things online. Now, a website isn't just for selling stuff – it's like the face of your business on the internet. It shows how good, honest, and smart your business is.

It's super important to have a strong e-commerce website to give customers the best shopping experience. Making an e-commerce website is a bit tricky because small mistakes can affect your money and business growth. But don't worry, we're a top e-commerce website design, development, and commerce development company. We make sure your business stays cool and updated online.


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Branding design

Business is changing, and now there's something called a brand microsite. It's like a special website to show off exciting things your business is doing. These mini-websites can be even better than your regular ads.

They're like a few pages that talk directly to your customers, giving them the info they want. We've been helping big brands for more than 21 years with web design and development. We create these cool microsites that don't take up much space but give your customers a special place to visit and connect with your brand. If you want a direct-access digital space, we've got you covered!


Wordpress design

WordPress is like a super cool tool that helps make awesome websites. It's loved by developers and businesses because it's powerful and easy to use. With WordPress, you can create amazing websites without needing to be a computer expert. It's like playing with building blocks – you can add, change, or remove stuff whenever you want.

If you're looking for the best WordPress website, we're the team for you. We're the top web design company in Dubai that specializes in WordPress. Our skilled team is ready to help you build a brand-new WordPress website or make your current one even better. We make sure your website is ready for search engines so that people can easily find and enjoy it.


Personel web design

Personal websites are like your own special space on the internet, and they can actually help you get better at your job. A nicely designed personal website is like your own creative billboard – it shows off who you are in a cool and interesting way. It's a place where you can tell everyone about yourself and quickly find ways to achieve your goals.

When you decide to make your personal website, it's important to choose the best option. We've been doing this for over 12 years, and we're a top web design and development company in the UAE. We make sure your personal website looks great on any device, is easy to use, and lets people interact with it. We understand what people like in this part of the world, so we create a website that's perfect for you. If you want a special online space that truly represents you, we're here to help!

Web design and branding

Online branding is like creating a special look and feel for your brand on the internet. It's about making a visual identity that truly represents your brand's style and appeal. This online image shows everyone who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It's like a unique signature that your customers can easily recognize and connect with.

For the past 12 years, we've been helping well-known brands in the UAE, Middle East, and India with digital marketing, branding, and web solutions. Unlike other agencies, we really get online branding. We use a responsive design, kind of like having perfect vision, to make sure your brand not only looks great but also works smoothly on different devices. This way, your audience gets the best experience when they interact with your brand online. If you want your brand to shine online, we're the team for you!


  • SICT is an web design and development company based in Dubai with 100% friendly atmosphere. We are in the market for more than 12+ years with a solid reputation in the region as one of the top10 web agencies.
  • We are specialized in corporate web application development, app development, web design, corporate identity, responsive web and SEO optimisation. The company takes pride in providing clear, unique, and fair engagement policies for the best user experience for our clients, as well as the assurance that you will see results from its quick approach.

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