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The best HR and payroll management software solution in Dubai. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and across the UAE for all your needs. Like HRMS software, hr software, hr management and payroll system. Employee onboarding, salaries, leave vacation and WPS. Attendance, loans, HR processes, management system. And payroll management-related requirements in the Middle East region.

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  • 10+ years of payroll, CRM, ERP and accounting software deployment in the UAE.
  • Trusted and reliable HRMS, CRM, and accounting software services, less fee..
  • Affordable complete web - based on-premise or cloud HR & payroll solution.
  • 100% customer satisfaction- we strive to deliver the best user experience.
  • Certified and trusted IT engineers with over 10 years of experience.


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We are the best service provider for HRMS Software Dubai and hr solutions. Our Value HR and Payroll Software needs no specialist. Staff can be earned in minutes. Value HR & Payroll Software allows users. To keep the track of complete information of the employee's. Employee details including Name, Code, Profession, Employee Type, Joining Date. Data of Birth, qualification, religion, contact information, photo, current address, home country address, etc. We deliver hr software solutions for salary information like basic, HRA. Transportation allowance, and various allowances in hr software in UAE. Option to track historic pending leaves, promotions, transfers and dependent. Details with our payroll solutions And manage employee details without human error. We also provided real time for performance management. We have huge amount of clients base from saudi arabia.

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Man Power Resources Management
  • Salary Management
  • Attendance Management (Biometric Integration)
  • Leave Management
  • Loan and Advances Management
  • Organization Chart
  • Asset Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • WPS & SIF file Generation
  • Payroll Management
  • Human resource management


Sales Automation

By reducing work, CRM automation can boost output. By automating frequent manual tasks in CRM. CRM solutions are more used in many B2B and B2C businesses. To coordinate company operations and simplify activities. Sales automation is a software feature that automates. The repetitive operations required to create successful client journeys. CRM software, lead-generation software, and email marketing software. Is the best CRM software's used in our company. You can manage all your customer information, interactions, and support. By link CRM is a web-based tool for customer relationship management. CRM applications include sales automation, field service, and customer support. Startup companies need social CRM, contact center, and supplier management. The three main points of CRM systems are working, testing, and easy to use.

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We think that the secret of effective CRM installation has little to do with technology. And everything to do with persuading people to use the system with ease. That is why you will find our customer care and support to be first work. Providing free backup help and disaster recovery consulting. A CRM operates by tracking and managing customer and client interactions. Contact information, sales interactions, and other information will be done. Debugging and fixing IT issues on schedule. Diagnosing difficulties by speaking with coworkers. And guiding teammates through the process of resolving technical problems. Organize your workload into priority lists to make sure the most urgent issues are solved first.

Campaigns Email Marketing

You may create marketing campaigns and send emails and newsletters. Straight from your CRM system with our integrated email marketing module. There is no need for a separate email service provider. Everything you want is available in one location. To assist you, I will highlight three key forms of email marketing. That you can use to get the attention of your customers and prospects. Email Newsletters, Flexible Emails, and Detectable Emails. SICT may assist you in developing your brand. Increasing consumer engagement and increasing income. To be successful, follow these 5 actions. Tease, Target, Teach, Test, and Monitor. An email campaign is a collection of promotional activities. Delivered to many people at once via email. The purpose of an email campaign is to convince consumers to take action.

CRM Reporting

CRM reporting is a CRM function that gives marketing and sales specialists with relevant. Graphics and insights into their customer's current needs and interactions with the company. Our two formidable report writers give guidance into your sales and marketing. We list reports give detailed reporting on historical data. As well as Prediction Reports on future sales. If the report is not happening, we will add it without charge. CRM software reports condense daily sales data stored in the system into visible information. CRM reports support companies in ranking and gaining insights into their operations. Such as progress toward sales targets, obstacles in the sales process. And how a person or team of sellers performs. We will explore types of CRM reports for your small business and the best tools to use.

Role Based Permissions

There are four key reasons why you should select ShazebICT. Beginning with VAT Compliant. We issue VAT-compliant invoices, compile financial reports, calculate and provide tax reports. To help you keep on top of your taxes—on time, every time. Scalable: Grow your business by sending automatic payment reminders to thousands of customers. Our multi-currency invoicing makes global sales a snap. SICT allows you to develop layers of functionality to accommodate. The unique company models by automating your business operations. With our role-based access, you may collaborate with your accountants. And colleagues without incurring additional user costs.  

Accounting Software

There are four key reasons why you should select ShazebICT. Beginning with VAT Compliant: We issue VAT-compliant invoices, compile financial reports, calculate taxes, and provide tax reports to help you keep on top of your taxes - on time, every time. Scalable: Grow your business by sending automatic payment reminders to thousands of customers. Our multi-currency invoicing make international sales a snap. SICT allows you to develop layers of functionality to accommodate the most unique company models by automating your business operations. Collaborative: With our role-based access, you may safely collaborate with your accountants and colleagues without incurring additional user costs. 

LinkCRM is recommended to all sizes of companies in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, software, retail, consulting, and manufacturing; it is designed to be accessed easily for representatives and agents on the road. LinkCRM is accessible from Internet-connected devices such as iPads, Windows tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs.

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How SICT Simplifies HR & Payroll Management


Payroll management is a platform that allows you to access, run, and manage all of your payrolls from onboarding employees to ensuring compliance to handling exit processes, through a remote system - the cloud - utilizing is nothing more than a computer linked to the internet. A cloud-based payroll system is a huge help for companies, especially the payroll department, who are still functioning remotely. It enables workers to work from any location and have access to the same information as if they were at their office. All while assuring secure payroll transactions and data upkeep through fine-grained security mechanisms that prevent data leaks or unauthorized access. SICT's Top Talent team can execute the payroll process in a way that saves time, and money.


HRM techniques manage people in the workplace to fulfill the organization's purpose and reinforce the culture. When done correctly, HR managers may assist in the recruitment of new professionals with the abilities required to further the company's goals, as well as in the training and development of present employees to achieve objectives. So a business is only as good when its employees, human resource management is an essential part of sustaining or improving the company's health. This might involve ensuring that salary and benefits are fair, that events are organized to protect employees from burning out, and that job role are adapted based on the economy.


An insurance payroll audit can be used by businesses to ensure that their payroll data are accurate. The auditor (either an employee or an outside auditor) will ensure that all participating workers are paid correctly and that no one is under or overpaid. This audit method guarantees that your company follows the law while also paying your employees properly.  Compliance is helpful to the company's performance. Most companies are required to keep records of hours worked, daily charges, and daily reductions. They must also maintain track of employees' holiday pay, bereavement pay, paid time off, and other kinds of compensation using our software in UAE.


We've got your back! To cover the need, our ESS gateway for HRMS is complete. It will not only benefit remote workers, but it will also reduce time-consuming processes and maximize results for all in-house and HR-related tasks. For a flawless Human Resource Management system, this is a must-have tool for all companies. So leave everything to SICT! Let's get started with time tracking, payroll information, sick leave reporting, leave request management, employee benefits & entitlements, agreements, contracts, team absence calendar, attendance, travel and receipts, work events, personal details like the address book, and emergency contact numbers. 


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