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Best Biometric Face Detection Time Attendance System in dubai

The Best Biometric Face Detection Time Attendance System in Dubai. We offer high-quality fingerprint attendance and access control systems. Biometric time attendance machines and attendance software solutions. We offer cost-effective services to all businesses and bussiness owners. In Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

Why trust SICT?

  • Supplying the best equipment and services at low costs.
  • Experienced in deploying 1,000 devices all over the world.
  • In the market for more than 10+ years.
  • One-stop, affordable, and fast solutions. 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Certified Engineers and Technicians with 10+ Years in the market.


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Why is Time and Attendance Important?

As a business owner, staying ahead of evolving workforce dynamics is crucial. Adapting to the changing landscape, which includes a diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-located workforce, is essential. Considering factors such as the nature of work, travel, work-from-home options, shifts, flexible time, overtime, and paid time off policies, managing time, cost, and production can become a source of stress. In today's highly competitive world, every company aims to achieve the pinnacle of success. Therefore, it is vital for employees to dedicate their efforts for the benefit of the company.

Why attendance machine device with us?

We will not lock you into a specific biometric attendance solution. We work with you to select the system that works best for your team, including managing employee attendance. In your budget and as per your requirements. Whether that’s fingerprint scanners, face scans, or mobile clocking, our biometric systems offer versatile options. Our employee time tracking system features, like managing employee attendance, powerful payroll software integrations, and finest biometric timesheets.

Local and Friendly Support

Fingerprint scanners are known for biometric security systems, including biometric attendance systems. The field of study which aims to identify or recognize people. Because fingerprints are so unique, they are used to unlocking doors and in other security applications, such as biometric attendance systems, where access is tightly controlled and monitored. Need a hand choosing the right attendance clocking solution for your business? Our support team will get you up and running. Speak to a real person in real time. We strive to give the best for our customers 24x7; call us at 04 244 5350.

Real-Employee & Face Recognition

Many facial recognition systems take a photo when a person clocks in. But we know you need more than that. That’s why we use unique personal information to record and store each employee’s qualities, providing comprehensive services to our clients. It then checks for a match when they next clock in and alerts you if someone falsely clocks in for them.

Simplify workforce management and reduce costs

SICT Time Sheets offer simple and effective time and attendance systems for businesses of any size. If your business has employees, then you need a time and attendance system. Whether you are searching for time attendance software in Dubai or a time attendance system in Dubai, only the right system will save you both time and money.

Simplify workforce management and reduce costs

SICT Time Sheets offer simple and effective time and attendance systems for businesses of any size. If your business has employees, then you need a time and attendance system. Whether you are looking for time attendance software in Dubai or a comprehensive time attendance system in Dubai, we have the solutions you need. Only the right system will save you both time and money.

What is the Biometric Time Attendance System?

They developed biometric Time attendance systems. To ensure that the correct person was present. Some people duplicate their attendance with the help of their friends. And cheat the regular systems such as ID card and password type. To avoid such malpractices, a system was introduced. That works with the biologic values of the human body and behavior. Physical biometric time attendance systems include: Iris recognition, face recognition, fingerprints, hand and DNA recognition. While detectable biometric time attendance systems include: Signature, keystroke and voice recognition. IRIS and Fingerprint Attendance Device are the most used. Biometric time attendance systems in Dubai UAE. With most companies managing these systems. After analyzing the employee size and nature of business activity in the company. We provide the best attendance solutions in Dubai for small and large businesses. Our company's expert technicians provide the best type of attendance solution. To ensure the best solutions is given for your firm. In Dubai, UAE at the best price.


The benefits of Time Attendance Solutions?

  • Since everything is automated, there is no room for human error
  • Biometrics of each person cannot be fake. Preventing employees from false punching.
  • Aids businesses in tracking employee attendance.
  • You can track leaving early from duty, arriving late and unauthorized overtime.
  • Saves money and time, and provides a high return on investment.
  • Improves the protection of your office and home. Enhances employee accountability
  • Save time calculating payroll.
  • The Biometric Time Attendance System provides you with a secure architecture.

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A real-time data warehouse is a storage system for storing and analyzing real-time data. It Accordingly captured data as it becomes available to store. Then instantly analyzed and correlated to warehoused historical data. At last the faster you can get it in, the faster you can look at it and analyze it.


A transaction is cost-effective when the greatest benefit is obtained. For the lowest possible price. The concept is when selecting from a variety of investment options. In order to generate the highest potential return for the amount invested. It does away with the need for expensive proprietary time attendance devices. The system is available for as little as 15AED per month.


The ability of a company to adapt to changes in labor and market trends. It begins with effective workforce management. Companies require a solid workforce management system. That integrates time and attendance, payroll, and scheduling solutions. In order to manage their workforce. Integration provides clarity into how your business can reduce costs. Retain top talent and increase client satisfaction.


We are all familiar with the traditional method of taking attendance. Everyone is acquainted with the system. It's something we've all grown up with, so including it into the classroom is simple. It is almost second nature to the teachers. So it does not require much effort or energy to implement. It can be used in situations where installing biometric devices. And establishing VPN connection is difficult.


Components that are payable to employees. Like Basic salary, house rent allowance, shipping allowance. And other allowances are examples of fixed components. Overtime, sales commissions, bonuses, incentives and relocation allowances. Mobile allowances and other variable components. Our payroll complies with all UAE laws.



Value is created when the effort required to complete a task is less than the reward. The greater the value, the easier it is to use a product to obtain that reward. With greater ease of use, value is expected to be low, creating an opportunity. For surprising values which leads to surprising satisfaction. The system is portable, versatile, and simple to set up and use.

SICT time attendance system

Hybrid attendance solution

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Ticketing system

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Manage team lead

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Performance monitoring system

 performance monitor

Attendance management software

Attendance management software

Visitor's management service

Visitors management service


Excellent user experience

Although the underlying mechanism for biometric proof is subtle. The user experience is simple and quick. By using biometric attendance machine ity is  easier to put your finger on a scanner and unlock an account in seconds. Then to type out a complex password with special characters. Users can also forget their passwords. You will never forget your biometric. We deliver best services in the middle east region. 


Biometric processes require the presence of the user's input at the time of approval. Digital transfer or sharing cannot be done with a physical biometric. All major biometric solutions require the use of a physical application. A biometric attendance machine is easy to connect because it is all connected by Wi-Fi. A smart card is also easy to use if it works on Wi-Fi. For enhanced security, consider incorporating an access control solution to manage and monitor entry points effectively.


Avoiding spoofing

Face patterns, fingerprints, iris scans, and other biometrics. Are difficult to replicate using today's technology. Your fingerprint has a one in 64 billion chance of matching someone. To put it another way, you have a better chance of winning the lottery. Then a hacker attempting to gain access to a biometric accessed account. Fingerprints are the best surveillance solutions for your firm. 




Each employee is given a unique id. Which results in the creation of a record in the backend CMS system. We use grid process and simple input fields in this registration form card. To customize validation messages and types for your registration input fields. By reading the validation papers. Another take on a simple sign-up form. We are delevering excellence in the market.


Maintaining an excellent attendance record at work. Entails more than not calling in sick. It also entails beginning your job duties on time. Remaining on the job throughout the day to ensure proper completion of duties. And attending all scheduled meetings and appointments. Using our software, track attendance with a single click on the mobile app.


There are no federal rules prohibiting GPS tracking of mobile employees. But some limit an employer's right to track team members. Most of them allow GPS tracking of employees during regular work hours. The precise GPS coordinates of the employees' current location are obtained. It's a good choice for non-desk teams that need to track employee's location.


A cloud-based time and attendance system enables you to monitor. Employee work activity from any location in the world. Employees clock in and out using valid methods. Such as passwords or biometrics. After which the software begins the recording time. To generate attendance and payroll reports. Attendance data is updated and synced with a cloud server, which can act as a central database for all attendance information.




Attendance reports can reveal which employees are best suited for a company. By collecting data on who arrives early, on time, late, or absent without judging. An attendance management system is useful because it allows employers to know overall performance. Our user-friendly interface tool provides a bird's-eye view of all attendance logs.


Pay slips that are generated and tailored as per each business. A pay slip is a summary of the most important information about an employee's salary. Such as any additions deducted from pay and any tax deductions or preferences applied. The pay slip shows an employee the difference between his or her gross and net monthly salary.


Payroll processing refers to the process of paying employees at the end of a payroll period. Multiple steps are involved in this process. To ensure that pay is properly calculated, tracked, and distributed. As well as that the correct amounts for tax, company benefits. And other deductions are withheld. Payrolls are processed within the most recent UAE laws.


Our computer program allows you to retrieve all the data directly. You want from a database, spreadsheet, XML stream, or any other source. And view it online or export it to different document formats. Such as Excel, PDF, and CSV that are suitable for human readers. We provide system-generated and customized reports with all important information.

Choosing the Right Time Attendance System in Dubai

When selecting a time attendance system in Dubai, consider the unique needs of your business. Look for a solution that aligns with your industry, offers scalability, and provides excellent customer support.

Factors to Consider:
1. Scalability:
Ensure the software can grow with your business. A scalable solution adapts to the changing needs of your workforce seamlessly.

2. Integration Capabilities:
Choose a time attendance system that integrates smoothly with other HR and payroll software to create a unified system.

3. User-Friendly Interface:
Opt for software with an intuitive interface to minimize the learning curve for your employees and HR staff.

Implementing Time Attendance Software for Enhanced Efficiency

As businesses in Dubai strive for excellence, implementing time attendance software becomes a strategic move. The benefits extend beyond accurate attendance tracking to improved payroll accuracy, enhanced compliance, and increased overall efficiency. In conclusion, investing in time attendance software in Dubai is not just a technological upgrade; it's a step towards optimizing workforce management. Choose the right solution tailored to your business needs, and unlock a new era of efficiency in your daily operations.

Time attendance software in dubai

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