Guide for choosing the CCTV system

Choosing the Perfect CCTV Camera: Your Ultimate Guide

Uses of CCTV in Dubai UAE?
Closed circuit television(CCTV) simply means that the signal is not being broadcast anywhere, but rather is traveling by wire from the source to the receiver.Usually a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system uses a stand-mounted or hand-held video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor or a television (TV) screen.

Uses of CCTV includes-
1. To provide a deterrent to crime and vandalism.
2. To enable 24 hour monitoring of all the designated areas.
3. To enable clear identification of miscreants within the range of the CCTV cameras.
4. To provide continuous recording of all CCTV cameras in the system.
5. To enable rapid movement of any CCTv camera to pre-set positions of pan, tilt and zoom.
6. To provide independent viewing of any CCTV camera at the controlling station.
7. To enable live, real time recording of selected CCTV cameras.

CCTV system should be used at offices, factories, restaurants, shops, workshops, schools, colleges, hospitals, airports, banks, malls, industrial and comercial spaces.

Which type of CCTV systems ?
CCTV camera, recorders( DVRs), Monitor and peripherals like lens, panning unit, controller etc forms a CCTV system. The CCTV system should be customized according to individuals need. First one should analysis the need for a CCTV system. The target for the intruder, is it material goods or information? Strategical placement of cameras and monitoring unit is equally important.

Feature to look for in CCTV systems.
User friendly operation
High resolution & Good quality images
High compression ratio to save hard drive space and band width
Power efficient to save running cost
Easy recording, search and back up
Pre Sales & After Sales Support
Current Dated Technology
Our product- CCTV System

Feature to look for in CCTV DVRS.
DVR is abbreviation of Digital Video Recorders
Digital image data is compressed and stored in Hard Drive
There are several types of DVR- PC based DVR, Industrial Computer Based DVR, Networked DVR, IP Based Camera and web server

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